Friday, November 26, 2010

It's the Weekend....

It's so nice to have the weekends off. So. Nice.
I can't say it enough- I'm loving my life. I knew the pendelum would swing the other way, eventually...nothing is forever, right?
I'm more "me" than I've been since I left Michigan. No apologies anymore. Not one. And no more prisoners. There's peace here. It comes from an unburdened heart and a peaceful soul. I surprise myself sometimes, because instead of being angry and "doom, doom, doom", like I have been for a while, I'm like "it's all gonna be okay. It'll be over soon", and I cheerfully smile and go along my way.
I've got so much good in my life, and it's no longer being overshadowed by a looming foreboding. I always knew that there was good, but it sometimes gets clouded by massive shitstorms, ya know?
I got a special hug today. My friend Amber is not much of a touchy person, EVER. She always looks uncomfortable when I hug her goodbye, but I do it anyway, because I love her, and in the event that I never make it home or something happens between that day and the next that I'm supposed to see her, I always make sure she'll know I cared about her. (Side note, I don't leave my parents without hugging and kissing both, and telling them that I love them- and no friend gets left without love, either). If there's going to be a last memory of me, I want it to be a loving one. Anyway, she texted me a few days ago, and it said "We've got a problem." And when I tried to call her back, no answer. No answer for three days, and I couldn't track anyone down that had talked to her. So, today after work, I drove to Headland to see about her. I knocked on the door, and she threw it open and said "You DO love me! You're the only one!" and hugged my neck ferociously. I laughed and said "of course I did. I didn't know if you were dead, in jail, crying in a corner, what. I came to see you. Now, why the hell don't you answer your phone?" Turns out, her boyfriend was trying to do something nice and did the laundry...and laundered her phone at the same time. But, she's safe. And she knows I love her. :)
I love all the women in my life. They're super amazing- I'm constantly in awe of them. I understand why men think we're magic because, hell, I am a woman, and I think we're pretty damn magical too. I meet new amazing women everyday, too. It's so awesome. It makes me giddy. I love my men, I do. And there's a great many of them that I wouldn't trade the world for- but there's something about women that can just make you say "whoa". I'm so glad I am one of them.
I'm grateful for my life and the people in it every day. Thanksgiving seems rather blase to me because I remember everyday that it doesn't have to be good, and by good fortune I have great people in my life, and my dogs, and a home. I have love, friendship, food, and a roof over my head- this is so much more than so many. I'm truly lucky and humbled by the favor of the Universe.

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