Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Jelly Brain

I started a new semester today- and I have three tests on Thursday. I wish I were joking.
I have some really interesting teachers- like none I've ever had before.
When my biology professor came in this morning, I did the quick scan: he's East Indian (if that's even the correct terminology), taller, has a smile on his face....and he has a mullet? Intrigue. Then, he opened his mouth. I had assumed he had an accent, and indeed he did. He sounds like Larry the Cable Guy, and he's funny, too- WAY funnier than Larry the Cable Guy.
My psychology professor was yet another quirk. He swears he doesn't have an ego, yet he calls his class "The Dr. Payne Show". He seems to be a pretty frustrated and hostile man, as well. It's very apparent that this man is absurdly intelligent and completely devoted to psychology. In fact, he informed us that he was going to attempt to turn at least 85% of us into psych majors.
My calc professor is the same woman I had last semester, and she's wonderful. She's very sweet, and quite practical, which is why I actually like her class. She cuts all the crap out, and heads straight to the point. She's probably the least puzzling- she is just what she seems to be.
My English prof is an interesting man, and I can tell I'm really, really going to love his class. He came into the bookstore I worked at once, a long time ago, before Obama was elected. He and I had a lengthy discussion about Obama, in fact, and we remembered each other from that. As a side note, he looks like the Prime Minister of Haiti. He's a fantastic storyteller, very funny, and someone that a person can be completely comfortable with in no time flat.
But, they all assigned homework. Three of them assigned tests for Thursday. And after nine hours of class, my brain is jelly- and I've got a day to get ready for all these tests. It's going to be a good semester- and it's going to work me into oblivion. I can see that now.

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  1. Wow, you are going to really enjoy this semester, i can tell. Great post, Anon.