Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Business of Spring

I know spring is definitely here when there are bees everywhere- a H U G E bumblebee came into my house yesterday morning (which meant he unfortunately had to die, as he refused to leave without a fight). I felt bad about killing the bumble bee- I know there's a shortage of millions, total hives abandoned and dead. But...I suffer no asshole. And that bee was being an asshole. If he'd just submitted to being corralled out the door, it would've ended better. I also magically had bees in my car, but they gratefully flew on to the clover in the field next to me. I say magically because all the doors and windows were shut and yet there they were.
The workload in spring time doubles, also. And I'm there. Actually, I'm behind. While there's always nine tons of homework to do, life came calling, and other things had to be done that might not ever be able to be done again. Such is life, ya know?
Yesterday was a rough day to be sure- lots of sick folks, and I don't mean colds, allergies, and the flu. I mean serious life-threatening illnesses, some terminal. I saw them all, and then went to my parents' house to care for their dogs while my mother is away, and I cleaned up. While my mom is gone to north alabama taking care of my grandmother and I'm down here, I have to stop in and take care of Daddy and the dogs. He works 11 hour shifts at 70 years old (!)- he doesn't feel like coming home and cooking and cleaning at midnight. And he's really bad about forgetting to do laundry until he doesn't have any socks. So... here comes daughter to save the day. I wouldn't do it if I didn't love him. I love the dogs, too- and so I come to let them go outside and to feed them. Eleven hours is a long time for them to wait for food and a pee break, ya know?
After taking care of so much stuff, I didn't get back to my own home before midnight...and I was welcomed by my own three dog-babies with all the exuberance a four-year-old would show over a birthday party. They're always so happy to see their Mama, and I happy to see them. Unfortunately there were piles of homework laying behind them....

See what I mean? So much work!

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