Monday, April 19, 2010

Lovely Things

My landlady approved me for a garden today. That means lots and lots of veggies. I'm really excited. I love to grow things. Thus so far, the okra, the corn, the chives, echinecea (sp?), and the bell peppers have started to pop up out of their little starter pods. It always makes me excited to see new living things. I jumped the gun a little and did about fifty seedling pods before she ever told me whether or not I could till up the yard, but i had a plan just in case she said no. I was going to build big boxes out of old wood pallets and dump them full of dirt...and they were going to live in the front yard. :) But, I will not have to resort to such actions. That lady didn't know it, but I was going to have my garden one way or another.

I like my job again- mostly because I'm not working with people so much as I am working with stuff- all manners of odds and ends, much of it useless and most of it fun. It's amazing at how much just a change in position has improved my quality of life and my mood. I actually like to work, and I hate hating my job- so, getting something I actually like is sooooo good.

My house is clean. I love that. I've been able to open up windows and doors and let in all the fresh air.

This semester is nearly done, and I get to move on to something new. I'm that much closer to being finished with school, achieving my goals.

Sometimes, it's the simple things that can make such a huge difference.


  1. I love that your life is happy. Emotional gardens are wonderful too.

  2. ..and I expect some good veggies from you this summer! :)