Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Quitter

In honor of Earth Day, I quit smoking. It's been a whole day. I figure it's worth a shot- I mean, I'll quit polluting the earth and my body at the same time, and save myself about two hundred bucks a month. That's nothing to complain about.....I just have abnormally high levels of energy now.'s 1 in the morning and I feel like I could run a marathon if my lungs would just stop feeling like they were the size of beans.
I don't know how well I'm going to be able to cope at work tomorrow with no refuge from the insanity that place is- maybe I'll be able to zen master it and ignore everything and keep myself on track.
If I can just make it through these next few days....I'll believe in myself more.

I ate a bunch of cookies today, trying to avoid the temptation to get in the car and go buy a pack of smokes. That is not conducive to my not being a fat-ass anymore, but whatever...first things first, and being able to breathe well is important. Can't do anything if I can't breathe. So, in the long run, I suppose I can justify my cookie binge as collateral damage while still managing to maintain the goal of becoming healthy.

I wish it were safe to go for a walk at this time of night- I'd totally put the pups on leashes and go!

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