Sunday, July 10, 2011

Good Things Part Duh

There are things in life that I very much enjoy. The Boyfriend, for example, is one of them. Trivia is another. Music and coffee drinks are two more. What's the best- combining all of them and adding a sprinkle of friends! This is the plan for tomorrow.
Even though it's due to illness, I got the weekend off, and I have to say, I remember why I love this so much. I've cleaned a little here and there (which is no small feat when you have vertigo), and I've done a lot of sleeping and reading.
I'm reading a very interesting book called A Clockwork Universe, which is about the British Royal Society (which was stuffy British men with microscopes and telescopes- but brilliant nontheless), and the dawn of science as we know it. Some of the key figures in this book are some of my most beloved scientists- Sir Isaac Newton, Tycho Brahe, Copernicus, and Galileo. Granted, they're not all British, but still had huge parts to play in the world of science. The one thing that these men never tried to disspell was that God was real- that came later- but instead had the profound idea of God the Mathematician. It had never occurred to me that in those times, suggesting that the universe was heliocentric made people feel as if they were further removed from God and therefore undermined humanity's place, hence the backlash against the idea. I suppose I take this for granted, as it has never bothered me that I'm not at the center of any universe, and quite frankly don't feel that my place is a threatening one.
I'm also reading a book called Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks, who is a world renowned neuroscientist and psychologist. Who knew that there are people that have seizures if they hear a G sharp? I didn't before this book. But there's more to it than that- there's the cardiologist that, after being struck by lightening, becomes an obsessed and gifted pianist- after 43 years of having little to no interest in music and no skill whatsoever. Or the woman that had seizures when she heard Neopolitan music. There's more- I haven't finished the book yet- but so far it's definitely one I'd recommend. I think after this I'm going to swipe my dad's copy of The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat by the same author. He does great research on a fascinating and wonderous topic- the brain and all it's misfunctions.
It's books like these, and articles in newpapers and online, that make me a queen of bullshit trivia. I revel in this- granted, much of the information I garner from my sources has little to no practical use except in livening a conversation. But still, it pleases me, so I continue to spend time on it.
Regardless, both books are great reads and they come highly recommended.

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