Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wading Through The Red Tape Paperwork of College

There's something to be said for anyone who navigates through the mess of college. I'm not sure what it was like in decades past, but today it's fraught with absurd amounts of paperwork, long periods of waiting, and hopes and dreams that the postal service will work. There is no one to give you a clear path to getting things done- it's up to you to navigate the choppy and unnavigatable waters of four-year universities.
I think it's a preliminary test to keep stupid people out- if you can't make it through, you don't deserve to waste your time and money here. Well, okay, let's be honest, that's probably more of a dream. I know that the PC thing to say is that everyone deserves an education, but the truth of the matter is that they don't: you don't deserve something you don't want to work for.
I'm currently going through the mess of trying to get myself into a four-year university. Why? I'm tired of being poor, and I'm tired of doing meaningless jobs. Both reasons are equal in rank. I want to do something that matters, but I want that something to keep a roof over my head and food in my dogs' bellies without me having to cast a prayer out to the Universe that I'll have enough to pay the electric bill too.
So, the new goal: to get my bachelors in economics and finance. Why? Because it's interesting and practical- everyone's concerned about money (moreso now than ever), and everyone needs help. The dream part: I open up my own financial advising center someday specifically to help small businesses. I believe in the mom-and-pop sector strongly, and so many of these companies fail because of terribly money decisions and a complete lack of advertising. Eighty percent die within the first five years of opening. I want the small businesses of America to make a come-back: in doing so, we could conceivably save our economy.
What I have to do to get there: 1) get back into college, 2) bust it to get my four-year degree 3)get a job as a financial advisor 4) take the test to become certified three years after getting that job.
I'm still on step one, but I'm getting it together. It'll happen. Nothing is forever, and the current state of affairs is not immune to that. I'm working hard to change things around.

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