Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love

I just finished this book by Elizabeth Gilbert. Amazing story. I want to do what she does. I want to walk away from a life fallout and go to Italy and India and Indonesia. It would be amazing. This book affected me in ways that I can't exactly explain at this moment because I don't really have the words to describe such a feeling. Something shifted...that's about all I can say.
I've started learning some new songs on the piano. I've decided to quit school for a while so that I can get myself together...I can't take anymore of life as it currently is. There is no sweetness in this spot, and hasn't been in a long time. I'm going to look for a yoga instructor somewhere around here and take up the practice again...I left it off when my life fell apart last. I've resolved to have peace around me. I'm thinking of selling everything I own, giving the important things to my parents, and the dogs and I hitting the road until we find somewhere to be. I probably won't do it. I just have to do something....because if you chase life this hard for this long, eventually it will kill you.

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