Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Laundry Breakdown

I did laundry for ten hours yesterday, after a marathon of housecleaning. Why would anyone ever subject themselves to this? Because neither had been done in about a week. I go to my parents to do laundry because my washer/dryer unit died...last year. And I've never had the money to replace either since. I had to take care of my parents' dogs (they had to leave on some emergency business), so it was super beneficial. And then I looked at the stack of Rolling Stone magazines that I've neglected for the past four months...and thus, my day was filled. I fed and played with a brother-sister pair of Jack Russells, changed loads over every hour, and read two Rolling Stones.
I'm usually a fast reader, but with an RS I like to take my time, savor it slow. It's a combination of my greatest loves- music and reading. I got my first issue when I was nine years old, and I'm pretty sure that if a nine year old girl could cream her pants over something, then I would've over that magazine. It was such a novel idea to me- an entire magazine devoted to music. All these years later, I'm still reading them, slowly, usually with a glass of tea or some coffee- I used to lay in bed, smoke, drink coffee, and read them. Why? Because it sounded as luxurious as it was ludicrous.
But about 10:30 last night, a wave of sadness washed over me as I realized that I'd spent my entire day off working, and sneaking in moments of happiness....further into my pity party, I had the thought that this was all my life was going to be: working my ass off for long periods of time and sneaking in happiness. It was a terribly sad idea. What ever happened to enjoying life? I still haven't decided that there isn't a great deal of logic behind my mini depression moment. I guess I just get to choose how much thought I allow it to consume. And all this happened because I spent the whole day doing laundry. Then one of the hoses on my Jeep's engines blew, and the night became just a little more annoying. I guess it wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't wanted to celebrate graduating. I've worked so hard for it. But, no one would ever respond to text I guess it wasn't that important to them. *sigh Whatever. I'll just let it I do everything else.

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