Monday, August 30, 2010

There's People I'm Thankful For, and Things I'm Glad I Did

This is indeed another one of those "shit's gotten bad, so I'm going to remind myself that there are good things" posts. If you don't want to read it, don't. This blog is more for me than you.

1. I'm glad Ben and I sat in the parking lot of work until 3 AM listening to music.
2. I'm glad Gavin is such a good friend; he always reminds me that he's always there for me- and actually follows through with his word.
3. I'm glad my dogs are so concerned with my happiness that they will persist doing silly things until I smile and love on them in a happy way instead of a sad way.
4. I'm glad I fought for Lilly.
5. I'm glad that I have enough stories that people find me interesting- yesterday, when I walked into work, a man said "So, anymore interesting stories today?" and looking genuinely excited to hear them.
6. Strangely enough, I'm actually glad for one of my co-workers, Kristen. She's got this way about her that makes me feel better, and like I have a "sister" again, in a way. She reminds me that someone is indeed watching.
7. Here's to long-lost classmates- they make me feel better, especially when they tell me that they had the biggest crush on me in 7th grade.
8. I'm glad that I've had such an education- and I don't mean school so much. My travels, my mom, watching other folks, etc has taught me so much more than I bargained for.
9. A man told me yesterday that my skin reminded him of coffee that someone had added creamer to. Score. How often does a woman get complimented on her skin color, especially when it hasn't been faked through tanning or bleaching?
10. Thank you California Raisins and Marvin Gaye. You forever changed the way I think about the rumour mill....
11. I'm glad I have a mother and father that love me unconditionally and are willing to go as far as they need to for my good. What sweeter love or higher compliment is there than someone believing that you are indeed worth every little bit?
12. I'm glad for my friend Amber. She's just awesome, and I wish I could show her that I love her more and be a better friend to her. I'm trying to fill a void that is impossibly amazing.
13. I'm glad for my friend Brennan, and I miss her terribly. True story, though, she does still come visit me. Last night when I was on my way home and feeling so sad I could've crawled under a rock, I heard her say to me (irritably) "Why do you want to die when you have the chance to live? I'd do anything to be you."
14. I am glad that i have learned that I am not simply a race, ethnicity, or any other adjective. I am human. I have been liberated from the confines of a broken society.

This probably would seem to be a silly idea to most people, but it is good therapy. It's a form of "count your blessings" that isn't so fucking irritating. I can't tell you how much I hate smartass people that go off on a self-righteous rant about how spoiled you are because you have more than the kids in Africa and usually end with some sage advice like "so, eat your peas". I've been doing this for years- sitting down and writing out the good things to counteract the bad. Nothing gets rid of darkness better than the rays of daylight.

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  1. "nothing gets rid of darkness better than the rays of daylight"...
    I love it :) I love that these are real blessings, that these are really good things...

    and i'm stealing that quote...