Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Saucy Ladies

Women always have those days when they've got a particular "thing" going on with them. They wake up, and it feels like a snake has climbed up their spine. Its head creeps all the way up into their head, and it whispers "give me the attention I want...I crave it so badly..." Since it's awoken and moved up the spine, the woman's hips have been freed so that they can swing in such a way that it almost looks like a careless invitation...but believe, it's all control. There's a twinkle in the lady's eye, but it's not hers: it belongs to the snake. But on these days, it doesn't matter. They are one in the same. They're looking for victims, maybe several, to fall to their charms and submit to their whims and desires. These are the days when they look so good in their clothes that men can't possibly see how they could look bad without them. She smiles like she knows something you don't. Her every move, every sound is carefully monitored and unleashed at exactly the right time to get her exactly what she wants....whatever that may be. Some are looking only for the attention that the snake tells them to go for, the kind that makes them believe they are indeed conquerors of men. Some women look to become goddesses in the eyes of men....and still others intend to vanquish the world between their thighs.

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