Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Humpty Dumpty Pharm House

In the matter of two days, my house that I keep devoid of all drugs, even prescriptions, has been overrun by them because we've all fallen apart.
The mailman ran over my dog on Wednesday- the sweet girl named Lilly. She lived, thank God, but now she's on all kinds of medication to deal with her pain and trying to make her heal faster.
Skittles had to be re-medicated for hemmorhagic gastroenstasis.
And me....well, I fell apart from top to bottom. My wisdom teeth are threatening to break my jaw (on both sides) and in fact has pushed the right side a little out of place. I went to the dentist originally because the back of my mouth was so swollen that I couldn't close my mouth- and they tell me this. Then they want to schedule me for surgery immediately- which is impossible because I've got finals coming up and I have to give notice at was just a mess. I finally got into a podiatrist to see about my chronically swollen foot- and he tells me that I have "a pretty good amount of soft tissue damage"...whatever that means, I'm in a temporary brace until Monday morning, at which case I have an evaluation and probably will get a cast.
I'm taking this as a sign. I'm living wrong. Sicknesses manifest in otherwise healthy people oftentimes because of bad life choices. Well, I'm typically healthy- except not now. So, it's time to get that way again.
Either way, the only things in this house that are fine are the male specimens. Maybe the males are killing the females- who knows. It's something to ponder.

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