Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Late Night Obsession

It is 4:42 in the morning, and I'm still awake. Why, might you ask? Well, I have midterms this week. Instead of going home after class today, I dutifully stepped up to the plate and went in to work when they called me for help. Which puts me reading The Odyssey until sometime this morning. In a few hours, I will take a test on all this literature, go to work, come home, study for another midterm, go in the morning to take that, go to class afterward, come home, and promptly fall out somewhere.
But, I have a confession. Half the reason that it takes me so long to study is that I'm so easily distracted by my piano. It sits in another room, where its dark, with the door shut, and still I'm drawn to play. If I'm at home, I do this all day long: I will do some menial task, such as cleaning the kitchen, and then I will go sit down at the piano and play for about thirty minutes. Then, I'll get up and go do something else...only to come back and play again. When I'm doing homework, I will read for an hour or so...and then trot off to the piano to play for a while. It's nearly five in the morning on the day of the midterm, and what did I just do? Sat down to learn to play a new piece of music, when really I should sleep.
But playing the piano is so much more fun, so much more stimulating than sleeping sometimes.
I'm relying heavily on my Korean Ginseng to get me through this week, as sleep has not be plentiful. It's partially my fault, though, for being so obsessive about the piano- one could say that she's like a Siren and I'm a sailor, drawn helplessly to her and my ship crashed on the rocks for the sake of the song- but that would just mean that I've spent a great deal of time on Homerian epics of late.
I wish I didn't have such a crippling case of stage fright- I'd love it if all I did was play a piano for the rest of my life. Hell, if I never get out of Alabama, that is all I'll end up doing- there's no other choices out there.

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