Thursday, May 6, 2010

Final of the Finals

This is a week of finals. It's too bad it's not just tests.

In ten hours, I will be saying my last goodbye to Brennan and watching as people she knew do tributes in her honor. It just hit me yesterday that she's really truly gone. I'm not gonna get anymore text messages from her. I'm never going to go to Friday's with her again and have to watch the wind blow because she's eating a super rare steak that I can't even look at.

It's my final goodbye moment tomorrow. And I have no idea what to do besides sit. Her life was unfortunately short, but man, this girl.....she brought it all together. Nobody can ever say she lived in vain- she was everyone's best friend, the girl everyone called to go have fun, the girl you could talk to about anything and she wasn't going to judge you. She was hilariously funny and as deep as a spring-fed well. Amazing girl. I figure God took her back because she's too good to just have one of her- s/he needed a mold, a model, to bring more people like that here to Earth. Or at least that's what I hope- I hate hearing people basically say that God's jealous and he takes away the good people because he wants them for himself. That's such a four-year-old move, and I'm hoping God isn't like that. More Brennans is a good thing- and God is good. So, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I refuse to believe God's an asshole. And that's my final say on that.

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