Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Something Good

I'm the kind that, in a strenuous situation, I keep my head on straight and my feelings under wraps (at least when I'm dealing with other people that I care about). It all passes, right?
But in the meantime, I grasp for the small things to serve as beacons of good. My friend Travis once told me: we all live in the dark, with a great big window in front of us that doesn't let light it. Only when the window is broken will light shine through the cracks."
So, I decided to make a list of good things:

1. I successfully made four loaves of banana bread.
2. The fire in the oven caused by the first attempt at banana bread making wasn't so bad, and in a week or so, it'll be a hilarious story.
3. There is consistency in my life- I always end up setting something on fire when I bake because the thing that I'm baking wants to rise up and eat the stove above it.
4. I've never had a cake of any sort or bread go flat.
5. Finals week will be over before I know it.
6. I can sleep all I want as soon as finals are over.
7. I've met new people through a tragedy.
8. I'm becoming more and more patient each day, as each day becomes more irritating and I refuse to lose my cool over it.
9. My grandmother is being moved down here. I won't have to travel so far to see her.
10. My puppies still love me.
11. Little Boy is getting better on a leash.
12. My poinsetta is somehow still alive.
12. My peace lillies bloomed.
13. The rain is washing away all the pollen outside.
14. My mama bought me groceries, so I have food for the next month!
15. I'm becoming better friends with my old biology instructor, and it's always nice to talk to someone "in the know" about science
16. I help the learning disabled with their classes and preparing for tests. When they get a good grade on their finals, they'll be super happy and I will have accomplished something good.
17. I made my recently deceased friend's mother laugh today. I've been terribly worried about her- if she can laugh, she'll be okay.
18. I vacuumed out my car.
19. There's new grass growing in my backyard.
20. I may be overworked now, but in two months, it'll all be worth it when I get two diplomas of graduation.

There are moments when it's hard to make these kinds of lists. It is in those moments that remembering what is good is of the most importance.

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  1. Nana, I love this post andI love you.xoxo