Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Calm Afterwards

I love a busy day.

I especially love it when I get to look back and see how much I actually accomplished.

As a side note, Space Bags are amazing inventions. I intend to buy more. It will totally take care of the majority of my storage problems. I cleaned out my living room tonight.....the next room to be dealt with is the kitchen...then the laundry room....then my bedroom...then the dreaded spare room. I absolutely loathe clutter....so I clean out my house every few months. The thing is...I don't buy anything new (except books), so I'm just slowly getting rid of everything I own. It's an exciting prospect. I'm in love with the idea of not having much of anything.
After I conquer the clutter, I may think about thrift store shopping for a new couch. The one that I dumpster dived is falling all to pieces at this point. It may also be time to invest in an actual tv stand instead of a rolling cart that I rescued (once again) from the dumpster. If the furniture is not an heirloom or made by my father....then it came from a dumpster and got cleaned really well.
Or, maybe I'll go all out and buy something new. It'll be the first time ever in my life that I'll have a new piece of furniture....but I'm cheap. It'll probably come from a thrift store or a yard sale.

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