Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I Love Love

There's probably been ten million college students that have "hooked up" to this song, and maybe two million babies conceived to it. It's almost par for course that someone would "crash into someone" to this song at least once in their lives. I was listening to old mixes I made on my way home from north Alabama, and this song came on, and immediately I was transported back to Michigan, some years ago. I giggled at the thought of how many boys (well, men now) probably think of me when they hear Dave Matthews, maybe a few of them especially when this song plays.

So, here's the exercise. I want you to click on the video, then scroll down and start reading so that maybe I can actually help you see the magic created when you fall in love to this song.

We'd had a great night out- Mexican food (as only someone from Oaxaca (sp?) can make it), and then on to see a cheap show of our favorite band. While we were watching the band, a snow storm had begun, so that by the time we left, the car was under about six inches of fluffy, downy snow. We were stopped by some friends, who wanted to talk (despite the weather), and he pulled me close to him so that I wouldn't freeze. The wetness of the snow had begun to creep through my really think pants that I had on underneath a dark pink gypsy skirt. On the way to the car, I fell a little behind, so I could make a snowball. When he turned around, I hit him square in the chest, and it exploded all over him- he laughed, a clear, deep, mellow sound. In trying to run from him, I ended up slipping on the sidewalk, falling into a snowbank, and he fell in his mad dash to save me. He ended up almost landing on me, and we had that brief moment....there was a feeling of "ah...nice" in the space between.

When we got to his house, we were covered in snow. Snow hung in my long, curly hair and his long, dark, straight hair. We sat down on the couch, still cold because the heat didn't work very well, and pulled a blanket around us. He gently took my hand, and we sat like that for a while, til I poked him, discovered he was ticklish, then proceeded to run my fingers all over his ribs, causing him to laugh more and buck, until I had him where I wanted him, and I leaned in and kissed his beautifully shaped, firm lips. And suddenly, everything melted away, and there was just a big Indian boy with his hands on my shoulders, and my arms around him, and lips locked together, wet hair, wet skirt, wet boots, and I whispered to him "sweet like candy to my soul" as I kissed him, and he whispered back "sweetly you rock and sweetly you roll"....and on we went like that....and it was there, on an old second hand couch in a house that had bad heat, that I felt my soul open up more than it had since I was a child....it probably looked like this:

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