Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Looking Up

My mom always told me to not stare into the sun, the brightest star in the solar system, or I'd go blind.

It's true- when you look into the blinding light of something that seems so epic, you lose sight of everything else.

I've focused so hard and heavy on finishing school that I've stopped enjoying life- I "got blind".

So- I quit smoking and I quit chemistry class. I'm doing the bare minimum this time- I'm taking three classes and working and spending some time doing shit I like.

Take today for example:

I cleaned up my house, did some laundry- nothing I hate doing. I went to school and did a speech on how to garden using garbage. Then- I went to Pier One. I bought four short handblown drinking glasses and four tall handblown drinking glasses on clearance- two bucks a piece. I'm going to give my mother back the ones that have been abscounded from her house. I decided that I'd try to find some really, really cheap white plates because I want to some art experiments with them- like decoupage and paint. Then, I went to Target and bought nothing- just wondered around and looked for two hours. I didn't go to chemistry class- I didn't study the night before- and I didn't go home and immediately start back to work. I thought about getting a haircut and what all I'd like to have and do- and for a few hours forgot what is necessary. I contemplated buying at least 20 pieces of furniture, 12 CDs, and 3 movies, a haircut, 5 kinds of soap, 3 kinds of shampoo, a set of tiki lights, a can opener that looks like a toucan's head, curtains, and "meltless" ice cubes- but I was content to just let it all go. It's nice to go look, it's nice to want, and it's nice to make the decision that I don't actually want them bad enough to spend the money on them. It was very therapeutic.

My next project is the plate art I talked about and a science project of some sort that's to be determined. Oh, and to figure out how to post pictures on this thing. That's a project too.

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