Thursday, June 3, 2010


My mother swears that, since I'm "so young" I shouldn't even require sleep on a daily basis. She doesn't understand how my body can hurt so much all the time, or why I sleep until I can't sleep anymore when I finally get to fall into the bed. I get phone calls everyday:
"You awake?"
"Well why not?"
"Because I'm sleepy"
"Sleepy?! You can't be sleepy. Why, when I was your age..." and off she goes.

This happens a fair amount. My mother doesn't work (because she doesn't have to), and she does minimal amounts of domestic activities (because she hates them)- so she's always got energy to burn. She said when she retired, she was retiring completely. She wasn't gonna do anything she didn't want to do. Well, now she's the one primarily taking care of my dying grandmother, and she's finally seeing why I'm always so tired. Mental exhaustion is a bitch. I feel so bad for my mother, though. I think ,someday, she and I need a vacation. I'm going to see what I can do to make that happen. I don't know that my mother would think I need a vacation- but sometimes, Mama doesn't always know what's best.
Mamas and Doctors seem to have something of a God complex. They get so used to the idea that they know "more", and they know "what's best", etc. They forget they're just people it seems. And they forget that their children deserve respect- and that kids will mimic their parents. I hear it's hard to let them go- well, it's equally hard to let go of Mama, and it's scary, too. But it's gotta happen. And we've all got to learn- sometimes we don't know best.
And sometimes, we need sleep.

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