Friday, June 4, 2010

Can't Sleep

Funny enough, isn't it, that the blog right before this was named "So Tired"? I think it's a moment of irony. But indeed, I find myself unable to sleep at one in them morning- so I'm sitting here, writing a blog and listening to Dave Matthews Bands' "Warehouse". It's one of my favorite songs by them- it's so fun.
One of my favorite things to do is peruse news stories- I just read about a man quitting his job in Mexico so that he could watch his son play the World Cup, how a reporter named her kid after Bill Clinton, how BP is being taken to task.....I like to know what's going on. Sometimes.
I have tomorrow off, and funny enough, what's actually keeping me up is trying to decide what all to do. There's a lot of options. I could stay in and study all day (which is probably what I should do), I could bake, I could go to my dad's and clean his house and fix him dinner (another good idea), I could go visit my friend's mother, or I could go out with Iman. I really want to do all these things, honestly, and picking one is proving to be a task. I'll probably try to fit them all in- why lie?
I want to find a salsa class around this area. That's what I really want to do. I've always wanted to receive real instructions- my friend Abla and I used to go to this place where there were lovely looking Latin men that would totally spin you onto the floor and teach you. I'm pretty sure what I know what to do wouldn't be classified as proper salsa. :)
It seems like life is just a long, long trip in acquiring skills- and for what, really? I have no idea...but I'll have fun learning all the same.

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