Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Today did NOT start out good- it started out sick. Literally. Very not good. I have a love-hate relationship with "throwing up"- and I know that sounds weird, so let me expound a little. I hatebeing sick, and I hate feeling like I'm going to throw up- but I feel so much better afterwards.
So, I've spent most of my day doing that and then going back to bed. I just recently (like in the last twenty minutes) felt well enough to get out of bed. My faithful dogs have been with me the whole time (i.e. they're lazy and they loved that Mama was laying in the bed all day because they had someone to cuddle with). They were, though, genuinely concerned for me and knew I was sick- they've been extra gentle and patient with me. When I got up, though, they all jumped up, tails wagging, and followed me into the living room.
Now, you must understand, my dogs are spoiled. They get treated better than most kids do. But today, I haven't loved on them much. But, when I came into the living room and sat down, Lilly (the pitbull) came up to me...and gently began to lick my foot. Then she looked at me....and licked again. This is the Universal Sign of Lilly that she wants love...and if she's not getting it, she'll give it first...and keep giving it to you until you love her back with a head rub or a belly rub, or (even better!) a hug.
Now, wouldn't it be lovely if humans operated on the same principle?

Wouldn't it be even better if people got to experience a pitbull like Lilly and understood that they're not all ferocious fighters, intent on killing other dogs and three-year-olds?

Just in case someone cares, pit bulls are NOT the number one dog in the nation to attack people- golden retrievers are.

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