Friday, June 11, 2010

Feminism Part Two

Now, for the present.

A Feminist doesn't have to stop shaving her legs, wearing a bra, or quit applying lipstick. She doesn't have to have a job- she can stay at home. She can have children, or ,if she chooses, she may not. She may be "white", "black", Native American, Asian, Mexican, Irish, Australian, Thai, Korean, Siberian, or from any other nation. She may be Jewish, Protestant, Catholic, Muslim, Buddhist, or a practitioner of Sufism- or any other doctrine of her choice. She may be homosexual, heterosexual, pansexual, bisexual, asexual- it is her choice. She doesn't even have to be a "she"- a feminist can be a man. Why? Because feminism is about freedom of choices.
As the Indian saying goes "women hold up half the sky". Therefore, women are at least the equals of men.
Forced female subordination happens everyday, even in America. It happens when employers pay a woman less than her male counterpart for the same work, it happens when the government challenges Roe v. Wade, it happens when someone says that a woman was "asking for it" because of the way she dressed. It happens when a girl's softball team is given a smaller amount of budget than the boy's baseball team.

Little Known Facts:
1. The long standing tradition of a woman taking her husband's last name was actually a practice for legalizing property rights, as the woman no longer belonged to her father, but her husband.
2. Muhammad the Prophet was first married to a woman who asked him to marry her. She was a businesswoman who took care of everything and gave him four daughters. She was never forced to wear a veil or be submissive to him, and there was no other wife besides her.
3. Girl's sport teams in school, beyond cheerleading, weren't legalized until the 1970s.
4. Harvard denied a woman her doctorate in Psychology because she was female- that woman later became the president of the APA.
5. Eistein's first wife actually came up with the Theory of Relativity. A Russian journal was the only one interested in publishing it, but they wouldn't allow it to be published under a woman's name, and therefore her husband was credited with it.
6. Societies were originally matrilineal. You can't be absolutely sure who your father is, but you can bet your mother will know exactly who belongs to whom.
7. Native American women were largely silent during the Feminist Movement of the 60s because they already held equality and prestige within their own communities.
8. The Greek term "hysterical" stems from the Greek word for "madness" and was supposed to be a chiefly female ailment caused by a uterus wondering around the body looking for children.

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