Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hurry Up and Wait

This seems to be the game I'm playing these days. It's a very frustrating game, as every time I get a little ahead, I fall a little further behind. It's got to stop- I mean, really, this can't go on forever.
I'm used to being the's difficult for me to watch everyone go ahead and me stay behind. It scares me, honestly. I'm normally the one to announce that I'm moving, that I'm going to go do something no one I know has done- and now, everyone's moving, getting married, having kids, and all that. Now, I don't want to be married, and I don't have a particular desire to have children...but I would like to move. I would like to be able to afford my own home somewher far, far away from Alabama. I'm nowhere near any of that.

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