Thursday, June 10, 2010

Poem of An Encounter
by Anonymous A

I remember when I first met you-
My mama called, beckoned me
Finger a-waggin, lips stretched wide
in a Smile
"Come see this lady...."
My mama came to get me
Sleeping in my bed
so that I may meet you
and let you dance through my head.

I sat in my mama's lap, and watched you-
My mama surged, her excitement
Ran through her body, into mine
like a River
I listened and smiled
and your voice lifted me
even though I was just a child.

Years later, grown and cynical
My mama came, beckoned me
Finger a-waggin, mouth stretched wide
in a Smile
She handed me your book
Slipped words into my heart
so that when I read your words
(Long ago recited)
My soul grew and love got its start.

Dedicated to Dr. Maya Angelou. I can never do you the justice you deserve.

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